Finding the ideal beach wedding guest outfit

If you’re a guest at a beach wedding this year, you’ll be searching for an outfit that not only looks and feels incredible, but also works practically in this type of setting. Here are ANGELEYE’s top tips for finding the perfect beach wedding guest outfit for you.

Bold and bright colours work well for beach weddings

Beach weddings can often have a fairly laid-back vibe, so you can take the opportunity to be a bit more playful with a beautiful bold outfit; choosing whatever colours make you happy; apart from white, that is. Patterns and prints can work really well for beach wedding outfits; go floral or opt for an embellished dress with added detail.

Chic and comfort can go hand in hand at a beach wedding

In warm weather, the last thing you need when you’re a guest at a wedding is to be wearing thick fabric or something super-tailored that feels restrictive. Choose a dress or outfit made from a light or floaty fabric, such as cotton or polyester, to help you stay cool and fresh throughout the day. A maxi dress can be a great option; with a soft and romantic style that is perfect for the beach, but dressy enough for a wedding.

Keep your accessories simple

Heels and beaches simply don’t go together. You can find some elegant flat sandals that will look great whilst being highly practical on the sand, along with working brilliantly with any other venues the wedding may involve.
You don’t want to keep finding sand in your handbag for weeks after attending a beach wedding, so choose one that closes securely to protect your belongings.
A hat and sunglasses can be a great idea for beach weddings scheduled during the heat of the day, but if the ceremony is later in the day, a wrap can also come in handy to stave off the breeziness of the coast. Sunscreen is also a must for every beach wedding!
Take some inspo from below for your next beach wedding outfit and check out ANGELEYE’s full range of wedding guest dresses here.

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