We are a London born brand, originating for Camden market passionate about bringing you good quality and affordable alternatives to high end designers.
Our Collection products are designed in house
Our products are not licenced to be sold through individuals, online auctions, street sellers or unauthorised stoles. If you are ever unsure about the authenticity of a product please contact us with the name of the company that you are purchasing from.
We cannot confirm authenticity of items sold second hand on Ebay, Charity shops, Gumtree but we can confirm if the website or store you are purchasing from is one of our stockists.

If you have purchased from a counterfeit website please contact your card issuer.


We take counterfeit ANGELEYE products and scam websites seriously. If you suspect that a website or seller is not genuine, please send the website or store address to and we will look into it as a matter of urgency.
We take what action we can to prevent fake websites and counterfeit products being sold.
Currently we are aware of the following site and strongly recommend that you do not purchase through them for our products. We do not have any control or information on the running of this site: