When asking Angel whether she always wanted to run her own business, she told us that deep down inside she always felt that she wanted to work for herself. She had a desire to do more.
Her parents brought her up telling her that she can do anything and fuelled her passion to achieve with independence. 

My parents raised me up as if I were a boy. From a very young age I was encouraged to do anything without being told I couldn’t do things that were traditionally for men. I was taught to be independent and make my own choices. Even the things I struggle to do, I never give up, I just ask for help.
The traditional mind set and society had to change. We believe that baby girl's play with Barbie's and that baby boy's play with car's, so what's important is how we educate our girls from a young age.

Angel Xue Creative Director Founder of ANGELEYE International womens day interview

Why do you think International Women’s Day is important?
It’s been over 100 years after Emmeline Pankhurst’s first demonstration for women’s rights, but yet all over the world, the battle for women’s rights is still being fought today.
This day is important to remind us that we need to continue to stand up for what we believe in… women must believe that they are truly valued and that being a woman is not a barrier when it comes to chasing their dreams.
What do you think is one of the hardest things women face today, whether that’s in the workplace or in their personal lives?
It’s hard to say, in the UK there are continuous issues with gender pay gaps, abuse both sexually and mentally. There are a lot of women that find the power and confidence to stand up for themselves but still a huge amount of women do not find that inner strength and accept it as normality. 
What have been the biggest challenges for you as a female entrepreneur?
From working in the fashion industry I found that the majority of this industry is women. Mainly women were working for me and all the male employees are all very respectful to me.
What I feel challenged me at the start of my career when we were not fully established was that I was occasionally patronised by some of the male customers. I have a soft approach to management and business; sometimes people take advantage of that. I can’t please everyone, I’m being myself. I hope we women we can help ourselves to be better. Women tend to look down on themselves but we should unite and protect ourselves in the working environment.

Angel Xue Creative Director Founder of ANGELEYE International womens day interview

What do you think the traits of a kickass female boss are?
I’d say it’s important to be a good listener. You need to always be there when needed or even not needed.
Help inspire your team to master their professions by supporting and developing. They are the key to your businesses success so you must help them to achieve their goals and ambitions.
When in crisis or stress, as a boss it is important that you can calm employees down and solve the problems together.
We must all insure that we succeed and work together well as a team. Teamwork is key.
Which woman has influenced you the most in life?
My lovely mum and Sheryl Sandberg the COO at Facebook she was elected to Facebook's board of directors, becoming the first woman to serve on its board.
What are you most proud of about your accomplishments with your brand?
I always feel a huge sense of achievement when I see customers wearing my clothes; I don’t think that will ever get old. I love that we have been selling around the world. Knowing that there are people around the world wearing our clothes every day is an amazing feeling. Another time I always feel really proud is when I see how passionate my team are about the brand. I see the brand as my baby and they feel the same way.
What have you found the hardest part about working for yourself?
Dealing with employee’s leaving. I build such emotional attachments with employees very quickly. I love to bring them into the brand and work with them, so when they leave, for whatever reason, it is always very emotional.
How would your friends describe you?
I’m their sunshine. I am always there for them when they need me.
They say that I am ambitious, humble and courageous.
My favourite comment from a close friend was that I am “Truly an amazing gift to the human race.” I love that!

angel sitting in chair for womens day interview angeleye founder
What makes you bounce out of bed in the morning?
I’m really privileged and honoured to do the job I love.
Every day is a new day that I hope will be better than the day before.
What’s something most people don’t know about you?
I can cook really well and I can’t sing… at all *laughs*
How do you maintain a good work life balance and mental health?
I have discipline in my life.
I eat a healthy breakfast every day, I do regular exercise and I make sure that I see friend regularly. We do activities together. It’s so important to stay social and active for your body and mind.
I always talk to people when there is challenges in life, no matter what kind of challenges, personal or business. It’s important to talk to friends and family. Always talk about your emotions. Do not keep them bottled up.
What does success look like for you?
To see the people who work for me are happy and that they are having a better life from working in my company is a real success to me.
What are your goals for the future?
I want ANGELEYE to be a global household name!

Angel's motivational words have inspired us to chase our dreams regardless of our gender! Angel really proves that being a woman is no barrier to becoming the best version of yourself! Happy International Women's Day! 

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